Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of Flights Guru state agencies liability with regards to circumstances and regulations. ‘We’ ‘Us’ & ‘Our’ in terms policy page refers to Flights Guru and govern your relationship with us. All the content on the website is for information purposes only. Your agreement with us includes that you are bound to the services you agree to use. Before agreeing to the use of our services, read our ‘terms of use’ and ‘policies’ carefully.

Passenger Responsibilities

If you are traveling with us then you are responsible to provide valid and genuine documents including entry and exit visas. For proper identification, a passenger must have a passport with at least six months validity before flying. You are responsible to comply with applicable laws, (if not) we are not liable for any kind of loss. The passenger is solely responsible for fines, penalties, and expenditures and will be denied boarding if he/she fails to meet the requirements stated in policies and rules by Flights Guru.

Personal Details

We assume no responsibility or liability for incorrect details or information provided by the passengers. ‘You’ ‘Passenger’ ‘Payee’ is required to make bookings on their correct names with no errors. The traveler is under an obligation to ensure that the name on the itinerary must same as on the passport. Once tickets are issued, any request for the corrections will lead to penalties. Note: You are not allowed to put up a request for a full name change, also the tickets are non-transferable.

Travel Policies and Regulations

Whether it’s international or domestic the travel policies by Flights Guru states that they are not liable for damage which is a result of incorrect travel dates, flight, departure and destination details. It’s the sole responsibility of payee be sure about every detail submitted to the agency before the insurance of travel ticket.

Travel Plan Change Policy

Changes in the policies with penalty fees are applicable after the issuance of tickets. Any kind of change, if made will be charged subjected to the increase in the fares and taxes. Re issue fee of $150 may apply per ticket plus any fare difference, tax difference and other additional penalties by the airline. Please notify us about changes in your travel plans at least 48 hours prior and on working days.

Payment Transfers

The prices may subject to vary from day to day until you make the final payment for your travel. In case the payment is made by the Payee and not received by the agency, the tickets will not be issued. Flights Guru is liable to offer tickets only if the full payment is transferred by the passenger. The prices and ticket rates per person will be subject to change at the time of booking and we do not inform the passengers before any changes. You need to keep yourself updated about our services and terms and conditions. Also, the merchant fee will be included in the payments made by the
Credit Card. To avail, the benefits of Flight Guru’s services do inform us and keep in touch to get updated details about the transfers made by you.

Liability to Visas & Special Permits

The agency does not own the responsibility to allow travel in case the documents are not as per the applicable laws and rules. Be sure, you must have a valid passport, visas and re-entry permits. The payee and traveler will be fined for not fulfilling the regulatory requirements.

Passport Validity

Getting your passport renewed should be must to travel to other countries without any hassles and headaches. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations related to traveling and the passengers must abide by to avoid legal actions. If your passport is expiring before 6 months after your date of travel, then the countries do not allow the traveller to proceed further.

Cancellation Fee

In case of cancelled flights, the agency is not obliged to pay the full refund for the tickets. The cancellation fee will be applicable only when the funds will be paid or transferred to the agency. There is no specific amount to be charged as fine, as the amount may vary depending upon the airfares at present. It can be anything up to 100%. We are not responsible for refunding the tickets non-refundable. Cancellation by the passenger will cost him/her $150 plus the airline will also charge a fee which will not be included in $150.

Right to Refund

In case of refunds, Flights Guru provides a full refund of money paid only when the money is received from the relevant supplier. The duration for the refund may vary as generally, it takes 14-16 weeks from the day the request for refund is submitted. However, the process may take more than the expected time as per the circumstances. During that time, be patient and let us resolve the matter.

Covid-19 Refund

We understand the highly fluid situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and the impact it has on your travel with us. Below are some special condition during this situation :

Refund process time is 24-26 weeks.
Credit Voucher validity and condition is based on Airlines policies and can be different with different Airlines
Full refund applied due to cancelled plan will incur service charges (Can varies from Airlines to Airlines)
Any refusal on refund due to Airlines policy can be dealt with them Directly.

Booking Reconfirmation

The carrier holds the right to make necessary changes in the tickets and flights. Your tickets can also be cancelled by the carrier without notifying you in advance. Flights Guru has no role and responsibility to confirm you about your tickets and travel details. As it is the responsibility of the passenger to confirm its tickets and flight schedules with the respective airlines. To avoid problems in the future, get it done before your departure i.e. 72 hours before your travel.

Checking of Tickets

We are available to resolve all your queries and concerns regarding the tickets and travel. But, it is the sole responsibility of the traveler to check whether the tickets have been received before leaving or not. Also, all the ticket requirements must be fulfilled from your side for convenient travel.

Credit Card Fees

When paying by credit card, surcharges are applicable. When you make payment to fightsguru.com.au by credit card, you agree not to claim any surcharges from us. On MasterCard, Visa - 2% (issued by banks), Premium credit card - 4% (issued by following companies like Coles, Credit Union, GE credit card, etc.) fee applies.

NOTICE: Confusion regarding reservations may happen. In case you find you in the same situation such as your tickets have been booked but at the check-in counter, you got to know that there is no reservation, then do not panic. Always look at your air ticket, if you find ‘Confirmed’ in the status box then it is the responsibility of the airlines to accommodate you on the flight for which you have paid. If not possible with the same flight, then you will accommodate to any other flight. The airport supervisors are always there to listen and help you.

Airport Check-in Requirements

No matter if you are traveling in domestic or international flight, you must adhere to the rules set by the airlines to board a plane. For domestic flights, the minimum check-in time is 2 hours whereas for international flights it’s 3 hours.

Health Concerns

The Flights Guru’s terms and conditions clearly state that the traveler is completely accountable for any kind of health problems before and during travel. Any kind of airline health requirements and recommendations must be followed by the passenger. You must be responsible for not carrying medical and vaccination documents along while traveling.

Working Schedules

Flights Guru is ready to serve you but not on weekends and public holidays. Also, we and the staff of Flights Guru is not available to cater to your needs outside the office or after office hours. No query or request will be entertained during unforeseen circumstances.

Taxes and Fees

The terms and conditions of booking state that apart the ticket charges the passenger is liable to pay certain taxes imposed by different countries as per the rules. The taxes may vary and will be charged by the airline without informing you about any changes.

About Flights Guru

Flights Guru is the leading travel agency that takes pride in dealing with domestic and international flight services. Our travel related services include international and domestic flights for India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal (Asia Specific). Besides, we make our customers happy with excited flight prices. Whether it’s for the first time or you are frequent travel, make Flights Guru your most compelling choice as we satiate our customers need and bring them back to us again and again.

We have our presence in India to help our clients navigate us stress-free when they need us the most. In addition, we assure that our clients and their Australian relatives will experience the same standards of services with many additional benefits while traveling to India.

This is to clear you that we are responsible for any fault or misunderstanding caused by us. We do not take blames for the quality of the services provided by the travel service provider. Any legal action taken by the traveler for the standards and warranty of the services by airlines will not have any effect on Flights Guru, as we do not involve in the legal activities we are not responsible for.

Promotional Fare: The Terms and Conditions policy states that the services offered during promotions are valid or limited for a certain period. Also, the discounted fares by the airlines are offered based on certain restrictions. Any changes made by the passenger in carrier(s), flight(s), time(s), or routing(s) during the promotions will be charged as penalty. Do inform Flights Guru before any change so that we can help you out if any problem occurs. Make sure or do not miss to read out Security Guide for Carry-on Baggage at International Airports by Visiting http://www.b4uflyout.com/9076_DOTARS_v9.pdf.

Limitation of Liability

‘WE’/ Flights Guru is not liable for any incidental or natural damages that are not in our control or caused by other service providers, whether neglected or otherwise. Any statement in the contract is mentioned to inform you merely.

If liability cannot be excluded then in such situations the liability is limited to the overall value of the arrangements that are purchased during travel. Damage, loss, accidental, health issues caused directly or indirectly have nothing to do with Flights Guru and are not in our hands.

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